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  • Established Year2009
  • Business LocationGuangzhou,Guangdong,China
  • Sales VolumeAbove US$100 Million
  • No. of Staffs501 - 1000 People
  • Company Certification4 GRGT_LED Down Lamp_LVD, 7 ECMG_600-600 Ceiling Grid Lighting_LVD, 26 GRGT_LED Road Lamp(090.A, 120.A, 150.A, 180.A)_LVD(★), 1 ECMG_Led Candle Light Bulb_LVD+EMC, 9 BACL_LED Lamp_LVD, 13 Waltek_LED PAR30 Bulb(PAR30.008.A)_EMC(★), 10 Waltek_LED PAR38 Bulb(PAR38.018.A)_EMC(★) , 22 GRGT_T8(SE010.B, SE018.B)_LVD(★), 19 GRGT_T8(内)(SB010.B, SB018.B)_EMC(★), 6 GRGT_LED Lamp Panel(PR030.A)_LVD(★), 15 Waltek_LED PAR20 Bulb(PAR20.006.A)_EMC(★) , 18 ECMG_T8 LED Light Tube_LVD+EMC, 17 Waltek_LED MR16 Bulb(MR16.004.A)_EMC(★), 24 GRGT_LED Tunnel Lamp(090.A, 120.A, 150.A)_LVD(★), 21 GRGT_T8 (SE010.B, SE018.B)_EMC(★), 27 BST_LED Light_LVD, 12 ECMG_LED PAR30 Lamp_LVD+EMC, 20 GRGT_T8(内)(SB010.B, SB018.B)_LVD(★), 29 BST_Dimmable LED Driver_LVD, 2 ECMG_Round 15_LVD+EMC, 23 GRGT_LED Tunnel Lamp(090.A, 120.A, 150.A)_EMC(★) , 28 BST_Dimmable LED Driver_EMC, 11 Waltek_LED PAR38 Bulb(PAR38.018.A)_LVD(★) , 16 Waltek_LED PAR20 Bulb(PAR20.006.A)_LVD(★), 8 BACL_LED Lamp _EMC, 5 GRGT_LED Lamp Panel(PR030.A)_EMC(★), 3 GRGT_LED Down Lamp_EMC, 14 Waltek_LED PAR30 Bulb(PAR30.008.A)_LVD(★), 25 GRGT_LED Road Lamp(090.A, 120.A, 150.A, 180.A)_EMC(★), GMC
  • Product RangeLED Road & Street Light, LED Solar Light, LED Tunnel Light, LED Ramp Light, LED High Bay, LED Downlight, LED Panel Light, LED Tube, LED Branket, LED Office Light, LED Linear Washer, LED Round Washer, LED Underground Light, LED Pixel Light.

About Us »

Beijing Lampearl Photoelectric Co., Ltd. is a leading eco-lighting system provider in the lighting engineering industry of China integrating product development and supply, engineering design and construction, operation and management. It focuses on lighting energy-saving products, energy services, lighting planning and design and large-scale high-end lighting projects, namely, develops and promots LED lighting products of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection in downstream chip encapsulating and downstream applications; in the mode of energy management of contract(EMC), provies the cities with overall lighting energy system transformation and management services; is committed to the output of large high-end energy-efficient lighting projects.Because of constant pursuit of the cutting-edge technology and innovative application science, Lampearl, together with internationally renowned manufacturers SEMILEDS and other three domestic enterprises, established a leading high-power chip manufacturing company, and also with the Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, set up the first joint laboratory passing the national CNAS certification in the domestic LED industry.LED products developed by the company independently won all the four contracts of" Semiconductor Lighting Application Demonstration Project" of the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Communications, ranking first in all. The optoelectronic products of Lampearl are finding wide use in road traffic lighting, landscape lighting and interior lighting.

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